The Difference Between PNG and SVG

YourIllust distributes 2 kinds of illustration data which are PNG and SVG.

What is a PNG Image?

PNG is called raster data, and you can see the pixels by zooming in the image. Raster data looks beautiful when the pixel counts are high. However, if the pixel counts are low, the image will be blurry.

In addition, PNG images can make the background transparent, so it is easy to combine with other images, and it is a convenient format.

PNG is easy to use for people who have never used an image editing app such as Adobe Illustrator. It is suitable for displaying figures, graphs and illustrations. The PNG size on YourIllust is 1500 px so it is possible to print beautifully up to letter size.

What is an SVG Image?

SVG is called vector data different from raster data and even if zooming in it, the image quality does not deteriorate and it remains beautiful. You can print beautifully in any size.

SVG images contain layers and paths. If you have Adobe Illustrator, you can easily change the color by selecting the color and you can easily change the shape by selecting the path.

SVG is useful for people who want to edit colors and shapes.

Image Editing Software

There is a lot of image editing software that is possible to edit SVG. Generally, the software called Illustrator released by Adobe is famous and you can use it for US $20.99 per month. Also, adobe illustrator is available not only for PC but also for iPad, you can use it both PC and iPad with one license.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Creative Cloud is also recommended. You can use all of over 20 apps provided by Adobe such as Photoshop and Illustrator for US $52.99 per month.

Adobe Creative Cloud

If you’re a student or a teacher, you can buy Creative Cloud for only US$19.99 per month.

Adobe Creative Cloud for Students